AutoCAD Users – Feeling Trapped?
You Have a Choice

AutoCAD users, you need the flexibility to decide what licensing approach works best for your organization, as well as the latest software to meet all project demands. If you’re feeling trapped by Autodesk’s decision to discontinue the sales of perpetual licenses, there is good news.

We’re listening. Bentley offers flexible licensing and world-class technology, so you can work the way you want to and retain your investment. MicroStation and flexible licensing offers you a choice for the best business and technology decision for your organization.

If you own AutoCAD perpetual licenses, you can receive credit for the current value of your AutoCAD license toward the purchase of a MicroStation perpetual license.

  • 1. Design within real-world context

    Integrate representations of existing conditions into designs to generate accurate 3D models. Leverage raster images, point clouds, reality meshes, GIS, and more.  With MicroStation, make better decisions throughout the project lifecycle and create high impact visuals for stakeholders.

  • 2. Model and manage any size of project

    Rapidly generate a complete 3D model while confidently maintaining design intent. Increase your project win rate with the ability to support projects of all sizes and complexities.

    With MicroStation, large design teams can easily and reliably share common files across multiple team members and disciplines. As a result, better quality designs are developed faster, saving time and money.

  • 5. Superior project deliverables

    Produce all deliverables needed to support even the most challenging project demands with one application. Save time automating the creation and sharing of drawing sheets, models, visualizations, multi-discipline documentation sets, and more. With MicroStation, reduce the risk of project delays and errors because you can easily adapt to project changes while assuring standards are met across design teams

  • 3. Integrate any data type

    No data conversions necessary. Easily incorporate legacy client data and a variety of natively supported file formats like DWG, SHP, point-cloud data, and more.

    With easy integration of models, drawings, documents, and data from other disciplines, MicroStation can significantly improve the design process by eliminating errors prior to construction.

  • 4. Explore more design options

    MicroStation supports a comprehensive set of mesh, solid, surface, and feature modeling tools so users can more easily develop demanding engineering designs. Robust constraints capabilities ensure design intent is maintained.

    Plus, MicroStation helps users to simplify the management and use of similar engineering components by using a smaller number of parametric components with pre-defined variants that can be easily shared. This means users can complete jobs faster, explore more design alternatives, and develop better quality designs.

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