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Manage and Control Records

Effective records management produces evidence for transactions, compliance audits, legal discovery, and more. AssetWise ALIM provides advanced file plan and disposition functionality, delivering a powerful records management system for complete lifecycle management of all corporate records and associated information. AssetWise ALIM helps you comply with your organization’s corporate record-keeping policies to meet regulatory compliance and reduce the risks associated with audits and litigation.Records management is not just about long-term storage, but rather end-to-end management of information from creation, operational usage, and storage to final disposition. Unlike many records management solutions, which force users to identify and “declare” records at the end of the information lifecycle, with AssetWise ALIM, records are described as part of the information model, making manual declaration unnecessary. This approach to identification gives visibility to the record throughout its lifecycle and provides much more assurance of compliance.

Since record identification is only one element of the information definition, the record can be made accessible in the context that it is used – independent of the record’s file plan. This is crucial to efficient and proper use of information in an operational environment where records are living documents that are used throughout an organization. AssetWise ALIM links interrelated information, no matter what discrete information system it resides in, no matter what the format: structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, documents or physical objects, business processes or people. This exposes information, along with its status and relationships, to other relevant information assets, ensuring that workers have access to accurate information, in context.Records management policies are often difficult to enforce because insufficient attention is paid to identifying records when they are initially created and disposition plans are not carried out effectively. AssetWise ALIM effectively manages all corporate records through their lifecycles to ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate policies. The software creates and manages file plans for consistent, accurate records classification, and creates and reliably administers records retention and disposition rules. It automatically identifies aged records and obtains final authorization for transfer to long-term storage or destruction. AssetWise ALIM also provides the ability to manage and control access, audit trails, and authentication.

AssetWise ALIM records management capabilities enable you to:
• Ensure compliance with records management policies and industry regulations
• Improve productivity and save money through faster access to records
• Reduce cost of records storage
• Reduce the need for manual handling of record access requests

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