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Improving Your Asset Reliability

Optimize your Asset (machinery) health and maximize your smart field devices with our Condition Monitoring technology and services. wizCAD will help you proactively identify reliability issues before they cause system failures that contribute to downtime. Execute a long-term life-cycle strategy that includes a tactical set of maintenance, reliability, and performance optimizing activities designed to improve your system reliability and preserve your investment for decades to come.

A key strategy to improving reliability is to monitor the condition of  production assets in your plant and network. wizCAD offers a variety of condition indicator technologies (proprietary technology by Emerson and Siemens) specific to the nature and criticality of those assets – online condition monitoring solutions for your most critical and essential assets, and portable or hand-held solutions for the balance of your plant.

Condition Monitoring is More than just Data Collection

It sounds simple – routine monitoring of your rotating equipment results in data necessary for deriving information about the condition of your equipment. But if the data isn’t accurate, your analysis won’t be either. If you can’t acquire data in a timely manner, you’ll miss early warnings of developing problems. Emerson’s condition monitoring solutions are specific to the application and criticality of your machines, and deliver data you can count on for accurate diagnosis of machinery condition.

Training and Skills Transfer

Educational Services Companies today rely on fewer people to do more work. The need for training is more critical than ever to achieve and maintain cost effective maintenance programs. Emerson helps maximize the return on your investment in technology and people. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to keep your plant running smoothly

Our training Services delivers knowledge using a variety of modern tools. The combination of these tools increases comprehension and retention of course material..

Find out about our tailored training solutions:

  • Defined skill paths guide you to expertise across multiple technologies.
  • Lab work provides hands-on opportunity in each course
  • Certification testing is available for most technologies.
  • Additional instruction is available through books, charts, pocket guides, and eLearning courses.

Unscheduled downtime caused by equipment failure eats into both the maintenance budget and production goals. Routine maintenance can help, but it doesn’t reveal the developing issues that result in process slowdowns or shutdowns. You simply aren’t able to avoid these preventable failures.

Introducing technology to monitor these assets sounds like the solution, but where do you start? The budget won’t allow you to install the same monitoring system on every asset in the plant, so how would you choose what equipment to monitor and what equipment to ignore?

In addition, your critical assets are required to have API-certified protection systems so the equipment is tripped under unsafe operating conditions. But sometimes those trips aren’t necessary – and again your production is shutdown while you determine the nature of the problem.

To keep your plant assets available and producing revenue, you need solutions that are custom to the criticality of the asset being monitored and that identify the assets at risk of failure.

A key strategy to improving reliability is to monitor the condition of both production and automation assets in your plant. wizCAD offers a variety of condition indicator technologies specific to the nature and criticality of those assets – portable handheld and asset management solutions, wireless transmitters, and online continuous monitoring systems that can include protection capabilities.

  • Machinery Health Management combines condition monitoring technologies with predictive intelligence to reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime of your rotating equipment.
  • Field Device Management utilizes configuration and calibration data to confirm your automation assets are operating effectively, thereby protecting the reliability of your production assets.

In a perfect world, your process would be consistent, day in and day out. But the reality is that field device performance, like most things, can degrade over time. Variability is a natural occurrence that must be dealt with.

Predictive diagnostics from field devices help your maintenance team keep sensing devices configured, calibrated, and operating effectively. And the measurements and control from those devices protect the reliability of your production equipment. Our Asset Management Suite Device Manager provides real-time online access to intelligent instrument and valve diagnostics and alerts, delivering a view of device health and troubleshooting information when an issue is found and allow your personnel to assess health and repair devices from the field.

Whether online or offline, our tools to ensure your field devices are performing as expected

When your assets aren’t reliable, you can’t maintain your schedule or operate within budget. Your assets become the drivers of your success. But with predictive intelligence, you gain the insight necessary to schedule maintenance that supports your production goals. Our technology for delivering predictive intelligence puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Vibration data is the cornerstone of predictive intelligence. wizCAD offers accurate. industry-proven technology for data collection and field analysis of vibration data on a wide range of rotating assets. Factors such as asset criticality and location determine whether the technology is applied periodically or continuously. Vibration data can be routed back to the control room where operators can easily leverage both asset condition and process data to make educated production decisions.

Our vibration data collection technologies feature a unique methodology – to cut through the complexity of machinery analysis and provide a simple, reliable indication of equipment health that is easily understood by both operations and maintenance. Filtering out traditional vibration signals to focus exclusively on impacting, a much better indicator of overall asset health on pumps, fans, motors, or any other type of gearbox or rolling element bearing machine

Safety regulations and often insurance requirements necessitate the installation of a shutdown system on your expensive and critical production assets to protect both lives and investments. But protection doesn’t have to be just a necessary expense – the right protection system can be a path to integrating the predictive intelligence that allows you to avoid false or missed trips.

Through system integration and unique data access, our protection systems allow you to confidently determine when critical assets can be allowed to continue running safely.

By recording data during equipment start-ups, coast downs, and other transient events, our protection systems provide you the information necessary to make informed operational decisions. Systems are compliant to a variety of API standards and SIL environments, meeting the strict safety and insurance requirements such as those in the refining and petrochemical industries.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has arrived. Technology advances make it easier than ever to stay on top of asset health and stay in touch with the personnel who care about their performance – no matter where they are. But implementing IIoT can be a daunting task – where do you start? How do you bring together the silos of data in your plant without inundating the team with hundreds of alerts? You need a solution that promotes collaboration while still streamlining decision-making when problem calls for quick action.

The Asset Management platform features aggregated data from multiple sources, but delivers persona-based alerts and KPIs for improving reliability of your rotating equipment, instruments and valves. With additional connectivity to CMMS, advanced analytical tools, and other predictive intelligence programs, you’ll stay on top of developing issues that could impact production. Anywhere, anytime.

When there is a problem with your data, where is the source – your sensor? Your collection system? When your tools come from multiple vendors, it can sometime be difficult to pinpoint the responsibility and address the problem.

We offer a full line of quality sensors to complement its prediction and protection systems. Working with a leading third-party sensor supplier, we have introduced a variety of specialized sensors to improve the accuracy of the measurement as well as the ability to physically capture early stage asset failure data.

Implementing predictive intelligence and protection technologies from Emerson will deliver positive results in reduced scheduled and unscheduled downtime. For companies pursing top-quartile reliability, the return on investment is huge.

A study* of reliability practices measured maintenance costs as a function of the replacement value of the assets. If a top-performing site spends millions of Rands per year on maintenance, a poor performing plant will spend 3 1/2 times more for the same size plant. Top-quartile plants also experience very little downtime as a result of equipment problems, while fourth quartile (poorest) performers experience disruptive levels of down time that is almost 15% greater than top performers.

Top-quartile performers also demonstrate an integrated set of elements shown in the Reliability Value Chain. Ultimately, the ability to achieve top performance status is dependent on the robustness of each element and, perhaps more importantly, on the effective connectedness of all of the elements into a continuous improvement cycle.

While many companies recognize a significant ROI following their technology implementation, companies that commit to maintaining their technology advantage reap the benefits for years to come.

Support Services

Improving reliability in the plant requires more than just acquiring the right monitoring and analysis technologies. You need to actively manage those investments and their lifecycle costs. wizCAD offers  Support services designed to optimize the reliability and performance of your machinery health products. It is designed to help improve your competitive advantage and bottom line business results through critical service and support information. Specific, critical information is matched to your system and proactively delivered to you through a secure dashboard portal available 24x7x365. Support also delivers incident management with access to experts to help you through critical issues. An accurate inventory of all system components and licensing combined with in-depth documentation and resources aids in your troubleshooting.